A new challenge

Before I continue with my blog post, I wanted to say that I am not sure if its confusing or not that the blog is both in english and spanish but if you wonder why that is, its because I am a mexican woman that has lived in the US.  I have to admit I consider myself in love with both countries. Most of my professional years have been in the US, yet I grew up in Mexico City. If you have any thoughts on this or anything from the blog for that matter… please feel free to share your opinion with me.

Moving on… I mentioned in the title of this post I am beginning a new challenge in my life. For the past 7 years I have played it a bit safe and thankfully I have always had a good job and surrounded by good employers; but today I have decided to turn my life around.  If I don’t take a leap in my life at this moment… I don’t think I ever will.


Last week, the day before my birthday, I quit my job.  I decided to pursue a project I’ve had in mind for the last few months.  For some reason, I believe in signs and for once… a lot of things were coming together pushing me this way.  On the other hand, I have to admit I am terrified.   I was working as a digital art director for a large, global advertising agency and must admit it was great for a

while. As time goes by, I realized I don’t think I’m made to stay behind a desk and computer all day without enjoying all of the worlds natural beauty.

As you might have seen in the last post called mobile app, there is a very brief summary of what this new project is about.  In case you didn’t see it or you just want to know more, little by little, I will be explaining more of what this is about. As you might not imagine, a lot of things I am learning as I move forward with this.

I have never started a company of my own, yet I just decided to do so.  In a couple of sentences… its a digital company to promote ecotourism and adventure around the country of Mexico.  In the next posts I will begin explaining more of what my day looks like and how I am approaching this project.

If you have experience in mobile startups or simply know about creating a company… any suggestions you can give me would be fantastic! I hope you do share some thoughts with me. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from you!


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