Why Travel?


I have been reading for the past few days: WHY TRAVEL?

We always have excuses for changing our patterns in life, habits and why we just don’t make impulsive trips. There are so many things to see, so many great people to meet, experiences to live… yet we get very comfortable in our every day life and we do nothing about it. I am almost sure “fear” might also have to do with it.

We can get very creative with these words, yet they all have the word BUT… in them.

How many people around you, haven’t talked about regrets? How many of them wish they would have done something, traveled more, or even loved more? I have to admit I am still young, but I have realized there have been moments in which I look back and say, IF ONLY…

So at the end of today I realized I am going to start to live more, travel more… specially because traveling makes your life rich.

First of all, the world itself has truly amazing surprises. Secondly, random people teach you a lot more than we can imagine. Plus you have a lot more stories to share, pictures and memories to show and become a wiser human being.  Anyway, just wanted to share with you these thoughts I have been having and which way my life is heading.


Have you ever wondered what could have been? or if you only took that opportunity that you came across at a point in your life? If so,and you would like to share it.. please do! I would love to know more about you!


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