The Beginning of many adventures

Meet Hugo!

Hugo is my new acquisition to help me out on this new site I am putting together. He will be my extension in these new adventures from now on…


So in the beginning of this year, 2013, I decided one thing after realizing life is too short. I decided to travel AT LEAST once a year to a new place that has been written down on my bucket list.

As many of you know by now, my passion in life is photography, and of course accompanied by travel and adventure. So after making myself this promise I bought my ticket to go to Belize and go diving in the blue hole This trip will take place in two weeks with a very good friend of mine that is joining me in this exciting adventure.

As a result of this upcoming idea, I decided to transform this blog into a Travel, Adventure and Food site based on what I will be putting together for you to enjoy. The idea is to share travel suggestions, photography, and notes for foodies!

Anyway I hope you enjoy this blog and help me out by spreading the word.

Hope you enjoy this!!!!!


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