Who is the Tepozteco?


By: Mario Daniel Sánchez Robledo

Surely you have heard of the Tepozteco, in more than one occasion. A place filled with legends, history and adventure. For this reason, we have decided to tell you everything you need to know about this amazing destination.


The LegendTepoztlan

Prehispanic tradition tells us that Tepoztécatl was a special being; the son of a maid and Ehécatl god (god of wind). In his youth, Tepoztécatl went to the land of Xochicalco to confront and defeat a monster called Xochicálcatl, who devoured men to satisfy its hunger. Over the years, Tepoztécatl disappeared, although it is rumored that he climbed the hill to the town of Tepoztlan to disappear at the top.


The Adventure

The Tepozteco, the hill on which Tepoztécatl disappeared, is a place where you can go hiking on a journey of about two kilometers uphill. The route is very nice, but at times could get a bit difficult. For this reason we suggest you wear comfortable clothes, shoes and make small breaks to avoid exhaustion.


Three rewards

When you get to the top of the Tepozteco, there are three rewards you’ll never forget:

The first is physical, because once you take a breath and appreciate the panoramic view, you will realize that the effort will be worth it.

The second is historical and legendary. The perfect place to appreciate the Tlahuicas pyramid, built to honor the god of pulque Ometochtli-Tepuztécatl. Tepozteco, MexicoWe assure you that you will live a moment that combines legend with reality.

The third is spiritual, because whether or not you believe in energies, we can assure you that if you sit in a corner of the pyramid, close your eyes and breath deeply; You can feel an unmatched peace within yourself. In addition you fill your lungs with pure, fresh air, that your body will thank you for.

Finally, when you come down from the Tepozteco, do not miss the opportunity to walk the streets of the town of Tepoztlan. We recommend you visit their restaurants and food stalls, where you can find typical Mexican dishes ranging from delicious quesadillas to a rich and warm mole de olla.

Fotos by: Aldar Adame


Whale Shark encounter.

Have you ever seen a whale shark up close? Here is my magical encounter with a few of them.


Encuentro con el tiburón ballena en México. from Galia Venguer on Vimeo.

Fun Facts:

  • It is the world’s largest fish.
  • It can measure over 15 feet long and weigh over 20 tons.
  •  Their skin is dark gray with white or yellowish spots. Feels like sandpaper, so it can scrape your skin.
  •  It feeds only on plankton and small fish.
  •  They are unfortunately endangered, by man.
  •  In the Riviera Maya, the whale shark can be found only during the summer, from May to September, to be more specific.



  •  The best time to see them is after the full moon, when they are most active.
  •  Avoid diving. Go into the water, slowly.
  •  Do not use camera with flash.  That can alter or even confuse them.
  •  Maintain a distance of 2 meters between you and the shark.
  •  Do not get in front of him.
  •  Life jacket required.
  •  Use only biodegradable sunscreen.
  •  Do not touch the animal.
  •  If you tend to get sea sick, we recommend you take Dramamine.

5 things you will never forget in Huatulco, Oaxaca

Mario Daniel Sánchez Robledo

Looking to travel to a beach in Mexico?

Oaxaca is a great choice! You can enjoy some of the many beaches in Oaxaca. We invite you to learn 5 reasons why you should visit this wonderful destination, where you can enjoy more than sun, sea and sand.

CoffeeScreen Shot 2014-06-12 at 1.27.21 PM

Close to the main beaches you will find a paradise, where the aroma of coffee and the colors of the Oaxacan Sierra will conquer you. Visit the coffee plantations that are around, where you will taste a delicious drink besides living the warmth of its people.

Sea TurtlesScreen Shot 2014-06-12 at 1.27.28 PM

In Mazunte you can feel the spirit of Oaxaca, and after visiting this beautiful and quiet beach, you can also visit the Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 1.27.28 PMMexican Turtle Center.  Their main objective is to promote awareness around this wonderful reptile, and that only a few years ago, Mazunte was one of the favorite places for sea turtles to lay their eggs each year.

Prehispanic history

A must stop: is the archaeological site Copalita Mouth of the River, where you will find pre-Hispanic ruins, among which is the popular “piedra de los sacrificios”. In addition, you can also enjoy the amazing view by the sea and the sunset, which above all, is a postcard that you will never forget.

Natural Treasure

Close to Huatulco, is Chacahua Lagoon, which apart from being a heavenly natural destination, is also characterized by the large number of activities that can be performed there, among which are the boat rides, surfing, diving and swimming. There is a place where you can see and learn about crocodiles as well. (Very impressive animals.)

 9 Dreams, 9 bays

This is the real gem of Huatulco. Here you will get to experience 9 stories, 9 havens and 9 dreams, from which you will not want to wake up. We recommend you take your time to do this tour, as each stop will be a completely different experience, which you can enjoy with your snorkel or scuba gear.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 1.27.14 PM

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 1.27.07 PM

¡No te conformes con mirarlo, siéntelo!